Treatment of Lines and Wrinkles:

The areas which can be treated are the forehead, glabella (frown lines between eyebrows), and around the eyes, commonly known as 'crow's feet'.

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Lip Fillers:

Our facial bone structure actually changes over time. The bone that supports your lips gets reabsorbed into the body, without its support, over time your upper lip may appear thinner and flatter.

We smile a lot, and the repetition of smiling starts to show with Marionette Lines; the little lines on the sides of your lips. With every smile and word, lines form around the mouth, and over time these lines can become permanent wrinkles. Whether you’re worried about Marionette Lines; the lines from the corner of your lips down to your chin, or smile lines, a dermal filler can be injected directly into them to ease their appearance and smooth them out.

With just a bit more volume added, it is possible to enhance the lips you were given without making them look unnatural.

Treatment of Lines and Wrinkles / Lip Fillers

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